MONAMI 2011 will bring together top researchers, academics and practitioners specializing in the area of Mobile Network Management and Service Management. Session topics include:

MONAMI 2011 will provide academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, and students with a forum to explore evolutionary approaches based on current IP-centered architectures and revolutionary Mobile Network Management and Service Management approaches and new paradigms. The program includes papers reporting experimental and empirical studies as well as implementation/industry results (including testbeds and field trials). MONAMI 2011 will feature high-level keynote speakers, groundbreaking paper presentations and a special session on future research directions, allowing significant networking opportunities with industry.

Keynote Session

Dr. John Strassner will give the keynote entitled "Autonomic Mobile Network and Service Management for the Future Internet".

Invited Talk

Dr. Luís Miguel Campos will give an invited talk entitled "The Random Walk down Venture Capital Land".

Tutorial Session

In conjunction with MONAMI 2011, Dr. Stefan Valentin and Dr. Hermann S. Lichte will present a half-day tutorial entitled "Cooperative Wireless Networks: From Theory to Practice". The tutorial bridges the gap between analyzing and prototyping cooperative communication. Based on recent advances in information-theoretical models and metrics, the tutorial speakers will discuss how closely analytically predicted gains are achieved by current prototypes. In particular, the tutorial will (i) introduce theoretical tools to assess the performance of ideal cooperative networks even under realistic constraints, (ii) identify critical system functions that largely affect cooperative gains, and (iii) describe how these functions can be modeled and implemented such that the benefit of cooperation remains even in realistic scenarios.